The State of Black America 2007: Portrait of the Black Male

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National Urban League

This year’s annual Equality Index – a statistical measurement of disparities between blacks and whites in the areas of economics, education, health, civic engagement and social justice – puts the overall status of African-Americans at 73.3 percent of that of whites. African-Americans measured best in civic engagement, at 105 percent of whites, and worst in economics, at 57 percent.

To help address the disparities, the league recommends focusing on problems facing young black males through such measures as: universal early childhood education; greater experimentation with all-male schools, longer school days and mentoring; more second-chance programs for high school dropouts and ex-offenders; restoration of the federal summer jobs program to its previous funding levels; and “driving home” the message that “education pays dividends in the long run.”

Executive summary (seven pages) available free online; full report, $11.95. (800) 431-1579,