Awards for April 2003

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Reebok Human Rights Award, 2003
For: Individuals age 30 or younger who have made significant contributions to the cause of human rights.
By: Reebok.
Winners Include: Mohamed Pa-Momo Fofanah, a children’s rights lawyer in Sierra Leone.
Contact: (781) 401-5000,

Youth Worker Journey Fellowship
For: Rekindling the original purpose of youth work in Indiana youth workers.
By: Community Partnerships with Youth.
Fellows Include: John Mack, CEO of the Breeden YMCA in Angola, Ind.; Jean Melvin, youth minister at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church in Bedford; and Elizabeth Malone, executive director of Stopover, Inc. in Indianapolis.
Contact: (317) 875-5756,

Samuel Gerson Nordlinger Child Welfare Leadership Award, 2002
For: Outstanding individuals in the child welfare field.
By: Alliance for Children and Families.
Winner: Ron Reed, CEO of Family Service, Inc., St. Paul, Minn.
Contact: (414) 359-1040,

Paul Hearne Leadership Awards, 2002
For: Outstanding achievement working with people with disabilities; winners receive $10,000.
By: The American Association of People with Disabilities.
Winners Include: Carrie Griffin, a Washington, D.C., court clerk who created the Women Without Barriers mentor program for disabled high-school girls; Sarah Louise Triano, Chicago, director of the Yield the Power to the Youth program, which helps disabled youth influence public policy.
Contact: (800) 840-8844,

Awards for Philanthropy, 2002-03
For: Excellence in fund raising and public and private giving.
By: The Association of Fund-raising Professionals.
Winners Include: Children’s Care Hospital and School, Sioux Falls, S.D., for its annual fund-raiser and information session for the public.
Contact: (703) 684-0410,

Robert Scrivner Award
For: Creative grant making.
By: The Council on Foundations.
Winners Include: Luz Vega-Marquis, president of the Marguerite Casey Foundation, Seattle; Barbara Taveras, CEO of the Edward Hazen Foundation, New York.
Contact: (202) 266-6512,

Fries Prize, 2002
For: Making a significant contribution to improving health; winners receive $50,000.
By: Healthtrac Foundation.
Winner: Millie Webb, former president of the Irving, Texas-based Mothers Against Drunk Driving.
Contact: (650) 529-9533,

Salute to Excellence Awards
For: 4-H volunteers and their dedication to youth development.
By: National 4-H Council in Chevy Chase, Md.
Winners: Lifetime Achievement – Patricia Bosley, a club leader in Pioneer Plantation, Fla.; Volunteer of the Year – Cherrie Ruesch, treasurer of the Alaska 4-H Shooting Sports Development Committee.
Contact: (301) 961-2973,

Outstanding Achievement Award
For: Contributions to the juvenile justice system.
By: National Juvenile Court Services Association.
Winner: Shay Bilchik, CEO of the D.C.-based Child Welfare League of America.
Contact: (775) 784-6012,