What’s Right Is Not Always Popular

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By Chnita Campbell, 17

The first and most important piece of advice, which I still live by today, is: What's popular is not always right, and what's right is not always popular. I cannot stress the importance of this enough. I have been in situations where I had to be the geek or party pooper for my own good. I don't mind people calling me a "white girl" or "goody goody," because when success comes I'm the person it's going to hit. Most people wear what's popular and have no money for important things like books. If they brought regular clothes, their minds would look good. Sure, I wear name brands, but I don't go for $200 sneakers and so forth. These are the steps I need to take, and although it looks like a long road, the treasure I'll find when I'm done will be immeasurable.