Kids and Drugs: A New Theory

Author and reporter Maia Szalavitz, who writes about substance use and related issues recently spoke with Youth Today and JJIE about her experience and her newest book: “Unbroken Brain: A Revolutionary New Way of Understanding Addiction,” released in April. Here’s Szalavitz’s take on addiction and its complexities, from her own experience and in her own words.

Youth in Sex Trade Not All Young Girls With Pimps, Study Shows

New report shares research about young people who are involved in the sex trade. While everyone approaches the issue differently, effective organizations share some commonalities, such as being mindful of language and being responsive to how youth think and talk about their lives.

Adults Play an Important Role in Addressing Teen Dating Violence

February is an important month for adults who care about young people. No, not for Valentine’s Day or President’s Day but Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month. Break the Cycle, the national dating violence prevention leader, receives many questions during the month. The most common question is, “What can I do to prevent dating violence?”