The Transgender Teen: A Handbook for Parents and Professionals Supporting Transgender and Non-binary Teens

This Q&A with Lisa Kenney was conducted by Managing Editor Rachel Alterman Wallack. It has been condensed and edited . . .

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Youth in Sex Trade Not All Young Girls With Pimps, Study Shows

New report shares research about young people who are involved in the sex trade. While everyone approaches the issue differently, effective organizations share some commonalities, such as being mindful of language and being responsive to how youth think and talk about their lives.

Gender-Nonconforming Foster Youth Found Acceptance, Concrete Help at High School

A teenage writer explores the difference adults made in his life through acceptance: “School is a way for me to not turn out like my biological family. I love them, but I do not like the things they do. It makes me sad that their children may grow up the way I did — in foster care.”

Luke: Abuse in Foster Care as Trans Youth

"Every time I went to a new group home, it was like: 'you're a girl; you have to have girl things,'" said Luke McNamara, 25, who recounts the abuse and humiliation he faced as a transgender youth growing up in the California foster care system.