richard wexler

State-sanctioned Ransom Should Have No Place in Child Welfare

A March 3 Philadelphia Inquirer story begins this way:

After 12 years with an abusive partner — 12 years of black eyes and broken fingers, a shattered wrist and a busted nose — Carmen Rivera came to a realization: “It was either me leaving, or I was going to be dead.”

If Everyone Thought Like a Social Worker

In a time of national transition and international turmoil, it seems particularly important to draw from the most basic principles of social work if our citizens, our country and our world hope to move forward meaningfully.

So You Think You Want to Be a Social Worker

For most of my early adult life I remained steadfastly uncertain about what my future held. I had a bachelor’s degree in psychology and dreams of becoming a forensic psychiatrist. Or a nurse practitioner. Or a psychologist.