Improving Undergraduate STEM Education at Research Universities: A Collection of Case Studies

The Association of American Universities and the Research Corporation for Science Advancement published this report bringing together several case studies documenting current and past attempts by research universities to comprehensively transform the way in which they teach undergraduate STEM courses. The authors hope for it to be a valuable resource for the higher education sector as it seeks new approaches to STEM education on a large scale.

“Like Walking Through a Hailstorm” – Discrimination against LGBT Youth in US Schools

This new report from Human Rights Watch uses data and information gained from interviews with over 500 students, teachers, administrators, parents, service providers and advocates in five different states to convey the reality that LGBTQ youth face in the education environment. The report then provides a number of policy and practice recommendations that could be implemented to help stop or mitigate the bullying, discrimination, harassment and social exclusion that these students face.

Parents Behind Bars: What Happens to Their Children?

This new report from ChildTrends sheds light on the often-undiscussed result of mass incarceration; how it affects the children of those in prison and jail. It finds that more than five million children in the U.S. have had a parent in prison and shows that those youth who have a parent incarcerated a more likely to experience emotional difficulties, problems in school, social problems, etc. In addition to recommending the drawback in the amount of people being incarcerated, the report highlights some specific ways to immediately help children of incarcerated parents.