Seven Tepees Stays With Kids 7 Years to Support School Success

Twenty-two years ago, a retired juvenile court judge in San Francisco teamed up with a Native American healer to help kids get on a positive path and avoid juvenile court. This summer, the organization they created was among 18 groups that received grants from New York Life Insurance Company to help underserved middle school students reach ninth grade on time.

In Washington, D.C., Who’s Minding the Kids?

On June 7, after-school organizations across the county will send representatives to Capitol Hill to talk about the value of their program as part of the annual visit to Congress organized, by the Afterschool Alliance.

Two Interconnecting Puzzle Pieces: Trauma-Informed Approach and Restorative Justice

The trauma-informed approach focuses on the same principle, and brings the neuroscience to understand the behaviors that restorative justice is looking to repair and psychological intervention tools to prevent them . . .

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