Bringing Transgender Justice into Services-based Organizations

Growing up transgender is never easy. Trans youth face high rates of violence, with more than three-quarters of trans students feeling unsafe in school. The majority have experienced verbal harassment in the classroom, and one-quarter suffer physical harassment.

Safe Spaces: Supportive Environments Are Crucial for Transgender Youth

The cover of the January 2017 issue of National Geographic was a first for the historic magazine, though at first glance it seems fairly traditional: A striking 9-year-old girl looks confidently into the camera, her rainbow hair in a deep side part, her jawline set. The words “Gender Revolution” splash boldly across her chest, giving a hint to the challenges she faces.

Bathroom Bills and Trans Youth

As a queer Jewish teenager, I have the uncommon privilege of having relationships with people between 20 and 50 years older than me with similar intersectionalities.

Supporting Those Who Support Homeless Youth

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Not Enough Letters? About Our March-April 2017 Print Edition

Throughout our March-April 2017 print publication, which has a cover package of stories focused on LGBT youth, we have used the acronym LGBT, consistent with the Associated Press (AP) style guide — the rule book for journalists worldwide. We could have used a lot more letters.

Here’s a Collaborative Way to End Homelessness Among LGBT Youth

The primary reason for all youth homelessness may be related to family conflict, but for LGBT youth sexual orientation and/or gender identity is a significant predicting factor for homelessness.