Queer Youth Must Get Sexual Health Care While Incarcerated

As “bathroom bills,” military transgender bans and elimination of protections for LGBTQ federal employees demonstrate, we are a long way from a society in which coming out is a realistic option for all. The truth of this likely hits youth the hardest, who still risk family rejection, bullying, even homelessness for coming out as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer.

HIV Tried Me. It Lost: My First Year In College

“The pediatrician said you need to come to the office immediately,” my mom quivered over the phone. Hearing “immediately” commanded my heart to double time, and my stomach felt...

Capacity Building Initiative Grants for Substance Abuse and HIV Prevention Services for At-Risk Racial/Ethnic Minority Youth and Young Adults

Subject: Youth Health/Welfare, Youth Substance Abuse, Drugs, HIV Prevention | Deadline: Apr. 19, 2016 . . .

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Soldier in War Against AIDS Will Be Missed

"One of the soldiers has gone on home," said Ronnie Bass, executive director of Someone Cares of Atlanta. Filling the shoes of Doderick Moore will be difficult, he said.