Improving Undergraduate STEM Education at Research Universities: A Collection of Case Studies

The Association of American Universities and the Research Corporation for Science Advancement published this report bringing together several case studies documenting current and past attempts by research universities to comprehensively transform the way in which they teach undergraduate STEM courses. The authors hope for it to be a valuable resource for the higher education sector as it seeks new approaches to STEM education on a large scale.

Trends in College Pricing

The College Board takes a comprehensive look at the current trends in the price of higher education across the country, showing wide variation between similar institutions and a continued rise in costs of tuition and housing well above the rate of inflation.

What Free Won’t Fix: Too Many Public Colleges are Dropout Factories

The centrist think tank, Third Way, released this report which demonstrates how high the dropout rates are in public higher education. The report shows how many of these students must take on student loans which they must pay regardless of whether they graduate, saddling themselves with debt and negatively impacting the economy as a whole.

A Glimpse Inside the Coffers: Endowment Spending at Wealthy Colleges and Universities

This report from the Education Trust details the extreme wealth stratification occurring among institutions of higher education across the nation. It finds that about 3.6 percent of colleges and universities hold nearly 75 percent of all postsecondary endowment wealth. The report also shows how this endowment wealth is not often used to invest in low-income students, leading to further exclusion for these disadvantaged students and entrenchment of the wealthy in academia.