Youth Gangs in American Society

Youth Gangs in American Society

The authors of the fourth edition of “Youth Gangs in American Society” have updated previous editions’ content with the latest data on gangs and gang membership, including the amount of crimes they are responsible for, the prevalence of gang affiliation among youth today, and involvement of girls and adults with gangs.

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Building the Right Board

Imagine conducting a job interview, and you tell the candidate the job doesn’t pay.

Then you remind the candidate that he or she is going to be responsible for overseeing the work of chief staff.

And has responsibility for the company’s finances and legal compliance.

Who’s going to take this job? A nonprofit board member.

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What Professional Credentials Mean to Me

July 17, 1996, was a Wednesday and, unbeknownst to me, the first day of my child- and youth-care career. I vividly remember standing in the middle of the boys’ and girls’ cottage (yes, boys and girls!) with my namebadge and keys, asking myself, Uhhh, what do I do now?

Brandon Stallworth (left) a graduate of Schenectady YouthBuild in Schenectady, N.Y., and Joshua Spear, a YouthBuild Lawrence AmeriCorps graduate from Lawrence, Mass., meet in Rep. Michael Capuano’s office in Washington. YouthBuild USA reserves five places on its 16-member board for young adults who are graduates of its program. Part of the organization’s mission is to develop leadership and civic engagement in young people.

Get Proactive: Write Policy to Make Your Nonprofit More Inclusive

When it comes to writing policies that govern a nonprofit, certain basics usually get covered. Nonprofits draft whistleblower policies, executive compensation policies and conflict of interest policies to comply with the IRS, for example.

But what about setting up policies around inclusiveness?

The question sometimes surfaces when a nonprofit looks around and notices its board is all white. Or staff members become concerned that a particular group of kids — LGBTQ kids or disabled kids, for example — aren’t being adequately served. Or a potential funder raises an eyebrow at the lack of a diversity policy.

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‘Kiddie Court’ Is No Joke to Juveniles

Although the media, members of the public and even some JPOs, prosecutors and judges colloquially refer to juvenile court as “kiddie court,” presuming it has few negative effects on children, research indicates that the impact of juvenile court processing — such as Deanna’s — is not benign. Potential negative consequences of juvenile delinquency adjudications are felt in areas such as housing, employment, immigration and education, as well as enhanced penalties for future offenses.

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Avoid an IRS Audit

“The best preparation for an annual financial statement audit is staying on top of financial statement preparation year-round.”

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Nonprofits Must Have Books Examined

Linda Davidson founded the nonprofit Our Military Kids (OMK) in 2004 because she realized the children of “suddenly military” members of the National Guard and the Army Reserves face stressful situations and have developmental needs their deployed parents may not be able to fill — such as having no mom or dad at baseball games or ballet lessons, not to mention getting by on smaller family budgets as parents’ income drops to military levels.

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Consult the Right Experts, Get the Right Insurance

Having the right insurance is key for nonprofit organizations, not only to manage risks but also because some business contracts, such as rental agreements or grants, insist on certain coverage. And the right coverage policies can be expensive.