Although Bayview was closed in 2012, signs of the women’s prison remain on Sunday.

Ex-Inmates Helping to Transform Prison Into Building for Women and Girls

“They can walk through the building a thousand times, but when they walk through it with somebody that had to live here, that was incarcerated here, it’s a different vibe,” Cheryl Wilkins said, adding that an advisory committee comprised of formerly incarcerated women regularly meets with NoVo Foundation representatives to plan for the building’s future.


Kids and Drugs: A New Theory

Author and reporter Maia Szalavitz, who writes about substance use and related issues recently spoke with Youth Today and JJIE about her experience and her newest book: “Unbroken Brain: A Revolutionary New Way of Understanding Addiction,” released in April. Here’s Szalavitz’s take on addiction and its complexities, from her own experience and in her own words.

Linda Johnson, an Adoption KinGAP Worker notes a family’s progress on February 17, 2016 at the Foundling’s Queens location.

New York Tries New Ways to Increase Stability for Kids in Foster Care

NEW YORK — The cycle is often triggered by something simple: refusing to do homework, leaving clothes on the floor, typical kid stuff. But for the nearly 10,000 children in New York City’s foster care system and the adults who serve them, simple stuff has a way of escalating.