Garbage Bag Suitcase: A Memoir

“I always felt isolated and alone” in foster care, begins Shenandoah Chefalo in “Garbage Bag Suitcase.” “As soon as I understood that the suffering I felt as a child was being felt by millions of other children, I knew it was time to write this book.”

They Vote With Their Feet

Last year, when Allysha Bryant went to Camp Hoop Heros for the first time, one of her mentors complimented her as on how hard she had worked during basketball drills.

Teen Stress and the Growing Brain

Anyone who works with adolescents knows what recent science has confirmed: Teenagers just don’t think like adults. In fact, researchers have known for awhile now that the teenage brain is wired differently; it remains under construction during adolescence and won’t develop completely until a person’s early 20s. That explains a lot about the often-bewildering actions of tweens and teens as they seek out novelty and test limits, often without regard to risk.

Beating the Odds: Boosting School Success Rates for Students in Foster Care

Before moving from her biological mother’s home and into foster care at age 10, Kathy Rando was in the gifted program at her elementary school. But by the time she was 17, Rando had lived in upwards of 10 foster homes and spent four years in a residential treatment center (RTC), before finally dropping out of high school.