Eben-Ezer Yanez (center) and Freda Crichton (right) work with filmmaker Angie Bernadoni (left) from Reel Grrls on videos featuring stories of young people. The You Tube-style videos will provide information about local programs helping young adults return to school or get on a path to a job.

Opening Doors for Opportunity Youth

Several years ago, Freda Crichton, now 21, found herself floundering. She and her twin sister dreamed of entering the Marine Corps. After they finished high school in Seattle, her sister was accepted into the Marines, but Crichton was not.

A friend suggested Year Up, a one-year intensive training program is dedicated to closing the gap in opportunity between low- and high-income young people.

Bridge the Gap College Prep, a 19-year-old after-school program in Marin City, Calif., offers an intensive college prep program for kids in fourth through 12th grades. Instruction for fourth- through eighth-graders is aligned with Common Core Standards.

After-school Programs Step Forward to Align With Common Core

Imagine an American education system that works well for all students — a system that pulls U.S. students forward from a laggard position on international student tests and erases the gap between low-income kids and more affluent students.

The Common Core State Standards were envisioned by their developers to do just that — to prepare an upcoming generation for a changing future.

Police siren

Orderly Conduct: Classes Offer Dos and Don’ts for Dealing With Police

In the wake of a series of cases in which young people lost their lives during fatal encounters with police, many young Americans have expressed their outrage over the needless loss of life in the form of protest.

At the Boys & Girls Club of Fitchburg and Leominster in Massachusetts, club member Laura Jenny, 16, and her schoolmate, Isaac Annan, 15, have taken a decidedly different approach.

Gina McGovern

How to Build Safe Spaces: Define, Then Deliver

Providing “safe space” is critical for after-school programs in helping young people thrive. Most providers probably think they do that. But it can be difficult to understand specifically what staff can do to create a space that is conducive to social and emotional development.

Julia Neighbors

Mandated Reporters Need Training — Even If It’s Not Mandated

As a youth worker who works with kids on a regular basis, would you know what to do if you suspected that a child in your program has been abused or wanted to tell you a “secret” about something that’s happened to him or her? Do you know your organization’s policy on suspected child abuse? Are you prepared to make a report to child protective services?

Tamar Birckhead

No Substitute for Learning From Experience

As practicing lawyers inevitably learn, often two cases with very similar facts will be handled completely differently by two different judges — or even by the same judge who presides over the matters on two different days.