Urban Ventures in Minneapolis created earned revenue programs — a coffee roasting business, farm, market and beekeeping operations — to broaden the nonprofit's income mix and support its mission
of community development in Minneapolis. CityKid Java provides coffee services to individual and corporate customers, while employing teens.

Making Sense of Earned Income Opportunities

When Urban Ventures launched CityKid Java nearly 15 years ago in Minneapolis, the community development nonprofit was just hoping to generate some extra revenue outside the common mix of individual donations, corporate giving and foundation grants.


All I Really Need to Know About Social Work I Learned in Clubhouse

One of my first jobs in human services was at a Clubhouse, a local community center that provides individuals diagnosed with serious mental illness with opportunities to build meaningful relationships that support them in obtaining employment, education and housing.

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Compassion Fatigue: What Happens When Helpers Need Help?

A friend of mine is a mental health and substance use disorder counselor for youth. Let’s call her Lisa. Lisa has a master’s degree in social work and has been working with youth for more than five years. She loves her job.

Tunica, Mississippi: A mother and her baby. Although legalized gambling
brought jobs and revenue to this anguished corner of Mississippi, poverty
maintains its persistent grip on the delta.

Focus on Poverty

It’s been 50 years since the idealism of Robert F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson administration’s War on Poverty placed economic injustice at the heart of American political and social discourse.