Pull Up One More Chair For Youth

Young people’s lived experience speak to viable solutions that policymakers might otherwise never come upon. The best first step for anyone looking to make changes on behalf of young people is to pull up one more chair for the experts.


Teens Hacking Their Way to Solutions

A group of 16-to 23-year-olds divided into five teams to create socially conscious technology — one group's smartphone app involved sexual harassment, another app was for LGBT youth — at the three-day Justice Solutions Hackathon.


Responding to Youth Who Have Depression or Suicidal Thoughts

In between wilderness hikes and zip lining, teens attending the weekend Camp Mariposa® addiction prevention and mentoring program learn to recognize signs of depression in themselves and those they love.

Urban Ventures in Minneapolis created earned revenue programs — a coffee roasting business, farm, market and beekeeping operations — to broaden the nonprofit's income mix and support its mission
of community development in Minneapolis. CityKid Java provides coffee services to individual and corporate customers, while employing teens.

Making Sense of Earned Income Opportunities

When Urban Ventures launched CityKid Java nearly 15 years ago in Minneapolis, the community development nonprofit was just hoping to generate some extra revenue outside the common mix of individual donations, corporate giving and foundation grants.