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Making it Work.  A Guide to Successful Youth-Adult Partnerships.

A practical guide to establishing and maintaining youth-adult partnerships.

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Building Effective Youth Councils.

This publication provides case studies of youth agencies that successfully organized youth to engage in organizational change, as well as identifies key strategies that are common across the agencies studied.

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Youth-Adult Partnership Rubric.

A rubric and tool for assessing the level of youth-adult partnerships at a range of levels and dimensions.

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A curriculum for training youth as leaders.  Written for a middle school or junior high audience, most activities can be used with older elementary school or high school aged youth.

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Tips for Creating Youth Advisory Councils.

A tip sheet for creating youth advisory councils developed by Advocates for Youth.

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A handout that provides a rationale for creating youth-led organizations, along with challenges and recommendations.

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Photovoice Project:  An Evaluation Report.

A guide that demonstrates how to engage youth in an approach to inquiry called "Photovoice," a participatory approach that can provide more concrete data  about programs to share with stakeholders, reflects youth and community voices, and identifies strengths and areas of concern.

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Washington Youth Voice Handbook.

This handbook explores the definition of Youth Voice, common misconceptions about Youth Voice, the Principles of Youth Voice, the Cycle of Youth Engagement, and barriers to YouthVoice.  it also discusses how to work with diverse youth.

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Storytelling at its Best - Three Impactful Approaches for Producing High Quality Media that Captures Authentic Youth Voice

This handout describes how to incorporate youth voice by creating youth-produced communications strategy. In addition, it provides strategies for programs to have authentic youth voice as well as production quality.

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