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The video above draws from an implementation of the California Quality Self-Assessment tool, which generated strategies for better alignment between the school day and the afterschool program such as allocating a staff person whose main responsibility would be to communicate between the school staff and the afterschool staff.




The webinar above was developed by the Partnership for Children and Youth, and based on a study of effective partnerships between schools and afterschool programs.  They identify five key elements of effective partnerships, and in the webinar have practitioners describe the partnerships at their own programs/schools.




The above webinar focuses on the benefits of and best practices of community partnerships especially when developing a youth community service project.  The webinar describes how community service can benefit BOTH youth as well as the community.

Partnering with School Community

Partnering with School Community

This webinar, sponsored by SEDL, presents two speakers from large organizations, including the National Center on Community Schools, who describe strategies and tools they use to assess and maintain partnerships between schools and the community.

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