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Together Beyond the School Day.  Including Youth With Disability in Out-of-School Time Programs

This guide provides strategies and recommendations for how to include youth with disabilities in out-of-school time programs, such as having regular schedules, and talking with parents about youth's needs and 'abilities' so that they can be more well integrated.

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"I Bloomed Here."  A Guide for Conducting Photovoice with Youth Receiving Culturally- and Community-based Services

Photovoice is a way to get young people engaged in their communities and be featured as experts on their own lives.   The process involves giving youth cameras they can use to document the realities of their day-to-day experiences and highlight the strengths and challenges within their communities. The photographs they take and the stories that emerge from small group discussions around the pictures are used to engage in important discussions with policymakers, community leaders, and power brokers within the community in order to promote positive change.

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Summer Starts in September

Developed by the National Summer Learning Association, this sample toolkit provides a framework for developing or building upon a high quality summer program, drawing from research-based promising practices in the field.

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Some handy and practical tips from the National Afterschool Association for helping children (and staff) survive the many transitional or wait times during the out-of-school time using games.

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Teaching Restorative Practices in the Classroom

Restorative Practices are a framework for building community and for responding to challenging behavior through authentic dialogue.  This manual describes how to hold restorative circles, and contains step-by-step instructions for circles that build community, teach restorative concepts and skills, and harness the power of restorative circles to set things right when there is conflict.

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Key Principles of Developing an Afterschool Curriculum

The National Institute on Out-of-School Time developed this handout which provides some key principles and a framework for an afterschool curriculum, such as providing a variety of activities and environmental and staffing considerations.
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Project Rubric

Project Rubric Example

A rubric that can be used by staff or administrators to determine the quality of projects developed for OST programs.  This includes criteria such as whether students learned new skills, and how well they were engaged in collaboration.

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Project-Based Learning Diagram

Project-Based Learning Diagram

A handout that can be used to help staff in OST programs to visually understand the stages of designing and delivering projects.
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