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Articles and Research take 4This section of the OST Hub provides information and materials that will help to introduce new language learning activities in your program or help to further develop and enhance your current program. For researchers and policymakers, it provides information that will help to understand the larger issues and help to contextualize language learning practices and programs in the OST setting.

This section, Language Learning: Articles & Research, is divided into the following areas:

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General Articles

Boys and Girls Club Participation and English Language Development Among English Learner Students

Boys and Girls Club Participation and English Language Development Among English Learner Students

A study that explored English language acquisition of young people attending Boys and Girls Clubs in California, and how these types of programs can support them.

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London, R., Gurantz, O., Norman, J. (2011). The effect of afterschool program participation, ASM, spring-3

The Effect of Afterschool Program Participation on English Language Acquisition

The literatures on both afterschool programming and English acquisition point to the potential importance of non-academic settings in helping English learner (EL) students learn English.

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English Language Learners: Becoming Fluent in Afterschool

Afterschool programs in which literacy is a component offer the potential to provide English Language Learners (ELLs) with much needed support, not just academically, but socially and culturally as well.

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Maxwell-Jolly, J. (2011). English learner and out-of-school time programs, ASM, fall

English Learners and Out-of-School Time Programs

This report highlights the potential of OST programs to foster EL success.

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Gaining a Voice After School

This report take a look at why after-school programs are a powerful resource for English-language learners.

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Battacharya, J., Quiroga, J. (2011). Learning English and Beyond, ASM

Learning English and Beyond

A holistic approach to supporting English learners in afterschool settings.

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Literature Review

Literacy in afterschool Programs — focus on English language learners.

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Integrating Language Learning into Other Activities

McGinnis, T (2005). It means thank you. Culturally sensitive literacy pedagog...ASM, spring-2

"It Means Thank You": Culturally Sensitive Literacy Pedagogy in a Migrant Education Program

Taking a culturally sensitive stance toward literacy allows programs to create educational practices that allow for broadened notions of literacy. Such educational environments embed literacy in social and cultural processes, making the links among literacy, language, culture and identity.

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