Language Learning: Program Examples

Program Examples take 2This section provides videos and case studies of liteacy activities focused on language learning in the out-of-school time.

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Taos CREATE Afterschool Program

Based at a Pueblo in Taos, New Mexico, this afterschool program integrates the native American language of the Pueblos, along with other aspects of their culture, such as native games and arts.

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Dance Another World (Video)

This afterschool program in Austin, Dance Another World, is helping young English language learners master a new language through dance and creativity.

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BOOST Afterschool Program (Video)

BOOST (Best Out of School Time) After School Program - administered by Liberty's Lutheran Children and Family Service - serves nearly 900 students throughout Philadelphia. The BOOST program at Loesche Elementary in NE Philadelphia was awarded a grant from the school district to help further support the needs of english language learner (ELL) students and the implementation of an art education program.

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Deep Center’s Block by Block Program

Deep Center’s Block by Block Program

A description of an award-winning literacy program that builds literacy through creative writing,
journaling, community engagement, and visual arts.

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The NAZA NLP Partnership

A partnership in Nashville that brings librarians and books to afterschool programs, and provides training and technical assistance to children and young adult librarians.

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