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Supporting Transgender and Gender Diverse Students in Schools

Although written for a school personnel audience, this guide can be helpful for any OST program, whether in school or community based, that would like to learn how to better support their transgender and gender diverse students.

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Icebreaker activities (video)

Developed by the Ontario Department of Parks & Recreation, this video demonstrates some icebreaker activities that will help build relationships.

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Putting the Pieces Together for Queer Youth.  A Model of Integrated Assessment of Need and Program Planning.

An article describing how several programs for LGBT youth were evaluated, and how the findings were integrated into program design.

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Developmental Relationships Framework.

A framework developed by the Search Institute to describe the broader conception of relationships, including transformative developmental relationships which are bidirectional, with each person contributing to and benefiting.

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Our Whole Lives Sexuality Curriculum.

Our Whole Lives is a comprehensive, lifespan sexuality education curricula for use in both secular settings and faith communities.  It provides interactive workshops and lessons to engage participants.  The package is broken into six section by participants' age group.

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The Circles of Human Sexuality.

The Circles of Human Sexuality is a lesson plan from Life Planning Education: A Youth Development Program.  The purpose of the lesson is to develop and understand a broad definition of sexuality

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Using I Statements lesson.

A lesson plan from the Life Planning Education: A Youth Development Program.  The purpose of the lesson is to give participants the opportunity to practice “I” statements and to experience the value of direct, honest communication

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Life Planning Education.

A curriculum developed by Advocates for Youth on developing healthy relationships as well as sexuality, healthy and community responsibility.

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Aggression Survey.

A survey that can be filled out by both youth and staff and then used as a springboard for discussion and other activities.

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Learning Right From Wrong Continuum Packet.

A continuum that can be used with youth to discuss aggressive behaviors, and when behaviors go from acceptable to unacceptable.

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Role Playing Packet.

A packet to help youth practice social skills via role play which provides opportunities for participants to explore different situations, gain insight, identify problems, resolve conflicts, and create solutions.

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Understanding The Dynamics of Relational Aggression.

Lessons which provide activities and resources when working with youth to understand the dynamics of relational aggressive, and ways that they can improve their relationships with others.

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Preventing Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Program Activities Guide.

A manual that provides statistics and background information on sexual violence as well as resources on programs such as the Center for Disease Control's Teen Dating Violence Initiative.

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Cool Club Curriculum.

A curriculum for working with youth that uses object lessons, skits, crafts, and engages youth in building qualities such as respect, manners, honesty, friendship, and cooperation.

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