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 Quick Physical Activity Breaks.

A list of quick ways that staff can get children and youth moving in-between activities.

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 Snack It Up Four recipes.

Healthy and fun snack recipes appropriate for the out-of-school time.

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 Snack it Up taste test.

A way to engage children and youth in evaluating snacks by hosting a tasting.

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 Sugar Sweetened Beverages and How to Overcome Them.

A guide to sugar sweetened beverages, the health risks in serving to students, and alternatives to using them with children and youth.

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 Snack It Up.

A guide to developing a partnership with local grocery stores to get discounts on healthy snacks while staying within budget.

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 Keys to Quality Afterschool

A general guide for afterschool programs, but one that includes sections on developing healthy and supportive relationships with children and between children.

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 Food & Fun After School
Planning Tool

A tool that can be used by OST program staff to keep track of activities that promote healthy eating and physical activity.


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 The OSNAP Guide:
A Step by Step Process for
Improving Nutrition and
Physical Activity in Out of
School Settings

This guide is designed to help OST organizations implement the Out Of School Nutrition and Physical Activity Initiative (OSNAP), a program designed to improve physical activity and nutrition practices and policies.

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 Create A School Running Club
in 3 Easy Steps

A tip sheet on how to create a running club that would work easily in the OST setting.

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 Assorted Fitness Breaks: “True or False”, “Wipeout” and “Nature Walk”

A vimeo that demonstrates how instructors can use physical activities as part of academic instruction.  Can easily be adapted for the OST context.

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 OSNAP Action Planning Document—

A tool to help staff set goals to improve the physical activity of students as well as nutrition of students.

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 The Walking Classroom

The Walking Classroom is a national award-winning education program that provides students and teachers with an innovative way to get exercise without sacrificing instructional time. The website has some free materials.

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