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Afterschool Gets Moving: Training for Afterschool Staff and Game Guide

This professional development project by National Institute for Out-of-School Time (NIOST), provides a rationale as well as a training guide providing activities and games to get youth moving.  The goal of the project is to combat the obesity epidemic while at the same time helping children and youth to develop social and teamwork competencies. Comes with a training video as well as handouts and other resources.

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National Resource Center for Mental Health Promotion and Youth Violence Prevention (webinars)

The National Resource Center for Mental Health Promotion and Youth Violence Prevention (NRC) hosts self-paced learning modules and online learning events to support and provide training on a wide range of topics related to mental health promotion, youth violence prevention, evidence-based programs and collaboration among service providers.  The online learning events are archived, along with supporting training materials and related resources, following each event.

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Coaching Healthy Habits

This is a training to help coaches teach players to make healthy decisions on and off the field. The Coaching Healthy Habits training equips youth soccer coaches to reduce inactivity and overconsumption of calories.

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Physical Literacy Through Fundamental Movements: Recreation and Sport.

A webinar developed by the Ontario department of sports and recreation, explaining some basic movements and ways to engage youth in recreational activities and sports.

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 Food & Fun Training Video.

The Food & Fun training video is designed to help staff learn how to promote nutrition and physical activity and implement the Food & Fun Afterschool curriculum.

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Want to Get Young People Happier, Healthier, and Smarter?

Developed by the National AfterSchool Association, this handout provides a rationale for bringing youth outdoors during the out-of-school time including developing cognitive and social-emotional competencies.  Provides activities that can be used for professional development of staff.

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