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Youth from the Green City Force program

Green City Force

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Digital Harbor

Digital Harbor transformed a closed-down rec center in Baltimore City into a vibrant Tech Center for youth. Among opportunities for all grades and ages, it is open to middle and high school aged youth who have successfully completed the Maker Foundations program, and have access to advanced courses in fabrication, programming, electronics, and more. Members are also offered opportunities that reach beyond the Tech Center into the local community and active technology fields such as college credit, internships, volunteer opportunities, speaking engagements, and much more.

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El Paso Afterschool Program

In this afterschool program, students are trained and then paid to fix and maintain computers in the school district.

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Community Works Stepping Up Program

Stepping Up, based at the International School of Louisiana's Community Works, focuses on career exploration and high school selection and transition.  The classes are taught by an instructor who has extensive experience in developing curricula aligned with career exploration and preparation for life after high school and/or college.  The program also brings in guest speakers who are working in fields such as the film industry, the recycling industry, the restaurant industry, the criminal justice field, and the music industry.

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Student Success Jobs Program.

The Student Success Jobs Program (SSJP) is a year-round internship program at Brigham and Women’s Hospital designed to introduce 80 Boston high school students to medical, health, and science professions. Students are matched with health care professionals who provide mentoring and serve as role models.

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Green City Force youth

Green City Force

Green City Force (GCF) works with 18 - 24 year old high school graduates who live in New York City public housing. It prepares young adults to succeed in their chosen careers by engaging them in full-time AmeriCorps national service, training, and work experiences related to the clean energy economy. In doing so, Green City Force encourages them to lead socially and environmentally responsible lives. GCF is working towards a "green city" built on principles of sustainability, social, economic and environmental justice.

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