The Legacy of the Robert Bowne Foundation

This area of the OST Hub explores the work of the Robert Bowne Foundation, which funded our grant to develop these OST Hub website pages and curate the extensive OST Hub body of resources for OST program designers, practitioners and administrators. The Robert Bowne Foundation closed its doors in 2015 and these pages honor its legacy. Here you can discover the history of the Foundation, its philosophy of funding and of providing support for grantees, as well as learn more about its projects over the years. Even though its doors are closed, its work is living on through the OST Hub, which is an active, ever-evolving embodiment of the Robert Bowne Foundation legacy.

For further information about the Robert Bowne Foundation contact Anne Lawrence:

Robert Bowne Foundation History and Funding Priority-2History and Funding Priorities of the Foundation

The Robert Bowne Foundation supported the development of quality programs that offer literacy education to children and youth of New York City, in the out-of-school hours.  The Foundation was established in 1968 by Edmund A. Stanley, Jr. and named in honor of  Robert Bowne (1744-1818), founder of Bowne & Company.  The Foundation's primary goal was to increase access to youth-centered, quality out-of-school programs for all young people.  We believe that we did our best to accomplish that goal.

Robert Bowne Foundation Programs-2Robert Bowne Foundation Programs

This section provides in-depth descriptions of the Foundation programs, including: