Increase Interest and Engagement in Science with a Planetarium





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A planetarium helps students grasp abstract astronomical concepts and can spark enjoyment and interest in science. Digitarium® digital planetarium systems stand out in price and performance, putting a full-featured planetarium within reach. Given their vast capabilities, Digitarium systems captivate students of all ages, from preschoolers through graduate students.

Think of the possibilities of having your own easy to use, full-featured planetarium at your disposal. Avoid the headache and expense of organizing a field trip to an off-site
planetarium. Use your projection system as often as you need to cover your subject matter fully, and tailor your lessons to your students.

Digitarium systems offer advanced features to excite and engage your students.
Zoom in on and label any object; demonstrate annual motion; display constellations from
many cultures ; show the sky from any point on Earth or from anywhere in the solar
system; and much more. You can also project your own content on any subject.

Affordable and flexible, a Digitarium digital planetarium system will revolutionize your astronomy teaching. We offer models in portable ( or fixed ( ) configurations.

We offer our own line of Digitalis® Inflatable Domes for a complete portable solution that can be shared across an entire school district or education service area. One person can set up a Digitarium system and Digitalis Dome in about 10 minutes.

We perform all dome construction and testing at our headquarters in Bremerton,
Washington, USA. We have invested in state-of-the-art automation, high-tech tools and
materials, and a skilled US workforce. The end result is product quality that is completely
unmatched in the market, yet at extremely competitive prices.

We also build Digitarium systems at our headquarters and develop our planetarium
software, Nightshade. You can download Nightshade for free from We encourage you to use this amazing free resource with
your students; you can install it on every computer in your school at no cost. Students can use it at home for free as well.

With over 600 Digitarium systems in use around the globe, Digitalis is the leading provider of digital planetarium systems worldwide. Visit our website to learn more about our products and to see why we are the market leader:

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