Artistic Collaboration: Transforming Youth and Youth Justice by Integrating Arts

The room was silent. Twelve probation officers sat silently in a circle. Some glared at the floor, some looked at the ceiling. The African jembe drums sat, one in front of each PO, a silent invitation. As the lead drummer began, they started to play along, hands gently against the taut skins of the drums, a whisper. Then a thump, then some missed beats, louder, a faltering rhythm, then laughter. One hour later, 12 POs were shaking the roof as they drummed together, beaming at each other and making music.

Unaccompanied No More: Family Mediation and Preservation First

How can we expect young people who are worried about where they will sleep that night, where their next meal will come from or whom they can trust, to focus on their schoolwork, learn or plan for their future? Part of our response must be an emphasis on family mediation whenever possible for both children and young adults.

Using Online App to Implement Each One Teach One

Our 100 Peace Builder teens’ reach of 4,000 of their peers and some adults through connection circles taught me that “each one teach one”' is not just a saying, it is a way of transforming community . . .

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college application process

Finding Hope: Shepherding Un(der) Documented Students to a Thriving Life After High School

Mason faces underlying and persistent tribulation most of his peers don’t: his citizenship status and the legal, financial and psychological barriers that result from where he was born. He wants to apply to college as an unauthorized immigrant, but the costs are just too high, and the road ahead is too complex.

Mason also knew he wouldn’t qualify for any federal or state financial aid, including the HOPE scholarship that his high school GPA made him eligible for.

Sybastian Welch

From the Field: Youth-led HIV & AIDS Awareness Day

In honor of National Youth HIV & AIDS Awareness Day on April 10, three Atlanta-area organizations hosted Healthy Sex, Healthy Futures, an event for young people ages 16 to 25 that centered on the voices and experiences of LGBTQQ youth of color.