Pressing Themes in the Out-of-School Time Workforce

This spring, Y​outh Today ​convened a group of Out-of-School Time (OST) thought leaders concurrent with the American Educational Research Association annual conference in Washington, District of Columbia, to review the state of the OST workforce and to generate strategies to move the field forward.


Represent: A Magazine for Foster Kids by Foster Kids

The nonprofit Youth Communication in Manhattan shares the voices of youth in foster care through Represent magazine, used as an educational tool by youth workers nationwide. Organizers created the publication so that the stories and voices of foster youth could influence policy and practice for youth in care.


You Gotta Believe!

“Aging out is not safe. Aging out leaves kids with sort of a lifetime of potential dire outcomes and loneliness," says Susan Grundberg, executive director and CEO of You Gotta Believe (YGB), a New York City nonprofit organization that focuses on finding permanent families for young adults, teens and preteens in foster care.