Top Headlines 05/14/2014

Juvenile Justice

Paying double in California. Leader in Ohio youth gang transferred to adult prison under discretionary sentence. Ohio girl loses license for life following vehicular homicide of elderly woman. Child Welfare

Advocate knows the system from the kid’s side. South Carolina governor moves to improve child welfare following death.

Top Headlines 05/13/2014

Juvenile Justice

Florida legislation, if signed, will bring state in line with SCOTUS rulings. Child Welfare

Protecting parental interests of undocumented immigrants. Education

Politicians playing games with Wyoming education. Mixing politics with education policy.

Top Headlines 05/12/2014

Juvenile Justice

Less justice for juveniles? Bringing Connecticut’s reform bill back from the dead. Child Welfare

Massachusetts infant dies while family under investigation. Education

South Mississippi education roundup. Feds ask for updates as Indiana addresses problems with NCLB waiver.

Top Headlines 05/08/2014

Juvenile Justice

The cost of juvenile justice in real terms.

Child Welfare

Nebraska senator calls for child welfare chief’s resignation. Parents giving up on kids leads to abandonment charges. Education

Resegregation of education goals.

Top Headlines 05/07/2014

Juvenile Justice

Guam plan aims to reduce juvenile crime with mediation and counseling. Child Welfare

Fired Arizona workers cite orders from superiors, claim to be scapegoats. Missouri child protection agency faces troubles with funding and staffing. Case worker’s stories in death of Florida girl has discrepancies. Education

Indiana faces problems from feds in keeping NCLB waiver.

Top Headlines 05/06/2014

Juvenile Justice

Challenging sex registries for juveniles. California Supreme Court gives judges leeway in JLWOP decisions. Child Welfare

Reform an old story in L.A.

Federal judge orders release of transcripts in Native American child welfare case. Education

Federal legislators look towards education issues. South Carolina education chief supports marijuana legalization; supporters distance themselves.

Top Headlines 05/05/2014

Juvenile Justice

Juvenile justice in Louisville “a joke” according to police union official. Should juvenile sex offenders be required to register? Social impact bonds in Illinois to address kids involved with child welfare and juvenile justice agencies. Child Welfare

Teen taken away from family by Massachusetts child welfare agency to be returned to her home state. Kids of detained immigrants taken from families.

Top Headlines 05/01/2014

Juvenile Justice

Democrats push nationwide reforms of juvenile justice. Successful Hollywood producer works to change juvenile justice. Child Welfare

Do taxpayers want to pay for better child welfare. Removal of DCF chief means hope for new approach in Massachusetts. Rhode Island CYF wins lawsuit alleging neglect of state wards.

Top Headlines 04/29/2014

Juvenile Justice

Texas representative proposes case by case review of juvenile offenses. Georgetown’s Crossover model to be tried in Nebraska. Where are the new JJDPA regulations? Child Welfare

Massachusetts’ chief of child protection agency resigns following two deaths. Timeline of Massachusetts’ troubles.

Top Headlines 04/28/2014

Juvenile Justice

Ohio officials work to lessen violence at youth prison. Educating kids in lock-up. Blacks and Latinos hit hardest by Illinois adult transfer laws. Child Welfare

Florida senate passes child welfare reform bill unanimously. Education

Hawai’i education bills languish when legislative chairmen meet in wrong room.