Berkeley Bound

I remember the paralyzing fear I felt when I realized I was never going home to my father again. I would never have a normal childhood. But my love for reading saved my life. Reading became my way out.

Art As Resilience and Another Form of Therapy

I worked at earning credits while I was inside juvenile hall, and in 2016 when I was released into placement in, I kept at it. I was two years behind in my high school education, but this June I’m graduating with my high school diploma just in time.

Left Behind

I wake up in the morning. It's too quiet for my taste. As I walk through the house I start getting flashbacks.

Bathroom Bills and Trans Youth

As a queer Jewish teenager, I have the uncommon privilege of having relationships with people between 20 and 50 years older than me with similar intersectionalities.

Make My President Black Again

It wasn’t until I had gotten locked up at the age of 18 that I began to willingly learn and deeply care about governmental law and politics.

A Year of VISTA Service: Five Lessons for Nonprofit Practitioners and Other Service Members

Derek Moore and Nicole Smith completed their AmeriCorps VISTA service this week. During their year of service, they supported the launch of a new online resource, ServiceWorks Online, which is part of a larger national program that uses community service as a way to build skills and connections for opportunity youth.

Incarcerated Youth and Their Families: Human Just Like Everyone Else

Watching my brother go to jail opened my eyes to the fact that I want to help and work with youth who have been incarcerated. There is no age requirement for the ability to feel pain over an uncontrollable situation. I’m 16 years old, and I’ve probably seen more of the system than most youth out in society.

Live on Washington: The Evolution of a Teen-Curated Festival, and Why It’s Important

It’s late spring, 2012, and 15 teenagers sit around a rectangular table on the second floor of the Neutral Zone, Ann Arbor’s teen center. Still celebrating the . . .

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