Youth Gangs in American Society

Youth Gangs in American Society

The authors of the fourth edition of “Youth Gangs in American Society” have updated previous editions’ content with the latest data on gangs and gang membership, including the amount of crimes they are responsible for, the prevalence of gang affiliation among youth today, and involvement of girls and adults with gangs.

Learning to Breathe

Learning to Breathe

Patricia Broderick’s practical and research-based mindfulness curriculum “Learning to breathe” (L2B) benefits mental-health counselors and youth workers seeking to help adolescents gain control of their emotions.

Everybody Present Mindfulness in Education

Everybody Present: Mindfulness in Education

Progressive educator John Dewey held that education is not preparation for later life but that it should be conceived of as the full meaning of the present life. Danish educators Nikolaj and Didde Flor Rotne promote the benefits of mindfulness in a similar consideration.

Oh, shift! for Teens

For many teens (and adults, too) the present can be a difficult place to reside. Jennifer Powers and Mark Tucker’s book, “Oh, shift! for Teens: Get control of your life with a little f ’ in shift,” helps teens handle everyday school and social situations that when not handled mindfully and thoughtfully could snowball into something embarrassing and disastrous.

The Social Justice Advocate’s Handbook: A Guide to Gender

Sam Killermann’s “The Social Justice Advocate’s Handbook: A Guide to Gender” is a refreshing book written in a contemporary style by a metrosexual comedian who understands and truly gets that there are as many variations of gender expression as there are people — and he wants you to get that, too.


Multicultural Gender Roles: Applications for Mental Health and Education

Some cultural norms simply seem insurmountable, unchanging and unyielding. Young adults of color report feeling double the whammy from both race and gender, that each gender within their ethnicity or race has specific standards of behavior within the family, the community and society.