Top Stories 02/20/2014

Juvenile Justice

Kentucky DJJ saddled with pension obligations. Education

Early childhood education a partisan issue in Vermont. Expanding pre-school in the U.S.

Child Welfare

Child advocates oppose Kansa spanking bill. Meeting the kids who died while being served by L.A.’s child protection workers. Job Training

U.S. youth turn away from work towards education.

Top Headlines 02/19/2014

Juvenile Justice

Minnesota advocates appeal to court to block access to juvenile records. Stopping rape in juvenile detention. Education

Music education is “essential”, not supplemental, teachers say. Reform DOA in Connecticut. New York group alleges state owes $4 billion to schools.

Top Headlines 02/18/2014

Juvenile Justice

Georgia lawmakers seek more discretion in prosecuting teens. Education

Montana early childhood education bill dies in legislature. Illinois needs a new education funding formula. Michigan education spending: Increased or decreased? Child Welfare

Head of Illinois’ child welfare agency admitted to stealing money two decades ago.

Top Headlines 02/17/2014

Juvenile Justice

Florida county seeks $13.5 million reimbursement from DJJ citing overcharges for service. Convicted juvenile murderer and rapist potentially up for parole after U.S. Supreme Court ruling on LWOP. Education

Justice Scalia criticizes schools for failing to educate students in civics. Vermont house bill seeks to place binding arbitration on teacher contracts. Child Welfare

2011 Florida tragedy still haunts those seeking to change child protection agency.

Top Headlines 02/14/2014


American education is getting worse, not better. Wisconsin lawmakers vote to limit school accountability for now. Child Welfare

Indiana child services exceeded their mandate by taking woman’s five children for economic reasons, Indiana Supreme Court rules.

Top Headlines 02/13/2014

Juvenile Justice

Reconsidering juvenile defense in Los Angeles County. Education

Wisconsin education group asks schools to drop Native American mascots. Child Welfare

California gubernatorial candidate weighs in on another child welfare case. Parts of Idaho in need of more foster and adoptive parents. Big changes could be coming to California’s child welfare system.

Top Headlines 02/10/2014

Juvenile Justice

Florida counties absorb much of the cost for the Department of Juvenile Justice. Juvenile transition program shaping up in Georgia. South Carolina DJJ correctional officer stabs girl in custody. Education

Tennessee teachers challenge evaluations. The waste of education dollars.

Top Headlines 2/6

Juvenile Justice

Inside the “Kids for Cash” scheme. Illinois youth prison may be violating constitutional rights according to watchdog group. Education

Proposed education amendment to Alaskan constitution moves forward. Early childhood education in Nebraska a good idea. Philadelphia expands technical education for high schoolers.

Top Headlines 2/5

Juvenile Justice

Florida prosecutors’ direct commitment power skewing justice. Kentucky “on precipice” of major juvenile justice reform. Massachusetts begins “pay for success” program to reduce juvenile detention. Florida legislators examine sentencing for serious juvenile crimes. Education

Arizona education official calls for improved school quality.

Top Headlines 02/03

Juvenile Justice

Quinn appoints new director of Illinois DJJ. Florida juvenile arrests at 30 year low. Education

Texas rewriting graduation requirements. Unclear how Illinois will pay for early childhood education initiative. Child Welfare

Systemic failure in child protection leads to calls for massive change in Arizona.