Top Headlines 03/12/2014

Juvenile Justice

Ohio juvenile facility moves its most dangerous inmates to county jail. Georgia DJJ seeks veterans as employees. South Carolina school for kids with behavioral issues taken over by juvenile authorities. Defendant in infant’s murder seeks juvenile trial in Georgia. Education

Spending cuts in Illinois could damage education.

Top Headlines 03/11/2014

Juvenile Justice

Kentucky senate moves to open juvenile court to public. Ohio boy accused of murder at age 14 to be tried as adult.

Two Dallas teens charged with murdering classmate over girl. Education

Federal education tax breaks benefit wealthier Americans. Child Welfare

Supporting preschool age foster kids with programs increases chances of adoption.

Top Headlines 03/06/2014

Juvenile Justice

Youth accused of plotting Tennessee school shooting still in juvenile court. . Michigan Supreme Court examining cases of more than 350 juvenile life without parole sentences. Stopping juvenile solitary confinement practices. Education

Protecting schools and teachers from “reform.”

Child Welfare

Florida senate goes forward with reform plan for child welfare.

Top Headlines 03/05/2014

Juvenile Justice

Alternatives to detention in Connecticut. Higher levels of direct commitment seen in some Florida jurisdictions. Education

Obama proposes two percent hike in DOE budget. Child Welfare

Good trends in Pennsylvania, but still work to be done in child welfare.

Top Headlines 03/04/2014

Juvenile Justice

Juvenile justice system feeds into adult corrections. Education impacted by solitary confinement. Education

Common Core debate could ignite legislative session in Louisiana. Florida education commissioner wants to change way schools are evaluated. Child Welfare

All child welfare cases don’t need law enforcement involvement.

Top Headlines 03/03/2014

Juvenile Justice

Improving the system in Kentucky. National effort to raise age of juvenile jurisdiction gathers steam. Don’t seal juvenile records in Washington. Education

Summit hopes to help black students succeed. Utah pledges over $20 million to STEM education.

Top Headlines 02/27/2014

Juvenile Justice

Decline in juvenile arrests. Education

Washington state senators urge closing of tax loopholes to fund education reform. Child Welfare

Including same sex couples could expand chances for adoption in Michigan. Pregnant Florida mother of four claims she did not murder child: buried body to keep her other children from being taken away again by state.

Top Headlines 02/25/2014

Juvenile Justice

Addressing the school to prison pipeline. Education

Indiana education efforts in legislature running out of time. Child Welfare

Massachusetts governor lends support to child protection agency as it undergoes changes. Florida Senate President calls for more accountability from private child welfare companies. Online child abuse reporting system “underfunded and underutilized”.

Top Headlines 02/24/2014

Juvenile Justice

Learning skills while making amends. Marijuana a civil for juveniles? Sending more kids directly to juvenile court in Nebraska. Maryland juvenile prison sees uptick in violence. Calling for more reform in Florida.

Top Headlines 02/21/2014

Juvenile Justice

Louisiana juvenile chief apologizes for impact of closed youth prison on community. Education

Less than ten percent of Arizona minority high school students ready for college. New Jersey task force tackles gaps in education. Republican candidates for Texas Board of Education believe the BOE shouldn’t be involved in schools. New Indian Affairs chief focuses on education for tribes.