Fostering Change

Chelsea Bramblett didn’t know what to expect the first time she showed up at the statehouse in Tallahassee...

Making Sense of Earned Income Opportunities

When Urban Ventures launched CityKid Java nearly 15 years ago in Minneapolis, the community development nonprofit was just hoping to generate some extra revenue outside the common mix of individual donations, corporate giving and foundation grants.

Trump Presidency Could Reshape Policies for Children and Youth

Child advocate expects to spend time playing defense under a new Donald Trump administration, trying to block policy changes and budget cuts that could undermine public schools, harm children’s access to health care and otherwise diminish support for youth and their families.

Foster Youth Bring Their Priorities to Capitol Hill

Foster youth sometimes get the chance to respond to lawmakers’ child welfare agendas.
Based on a survey of more than 500 current and former foster youth in more than 25 states, they’ll stress to policymakers the importance of policies that maintain sibling connections, prevent homelessness, ensure college access and success and help former foster youth live independently.