Jonh Lash

Can Young Offenders Be Rehabilitated?

Are there those for whom redemption is impossible? I have known a lot of men who committed terrible deeds, and it seemed to me that every one of them had the potential to change, if they chose to and if they were properly supported.

Jonh Lash

Is It True America is Not for Black People?

Michael Brown was killed because he was black. He was killed because the police in his community, like those in many other communities across the nation, view citizens as the enemy, not as those whom they are sworn to “protect and serve.”

Jonh Lash

We Must Stop Accepting Violence in Prisons

In the U.S. we usually consider prisons and jails to be violent places, as if there were no alternative, but the conditions of prisons and jails are the direct result of what we allow.

Political concerns trump child welfare in Connecticut

More than three months after sending an unconvicted transgender minor to an adult prison, Connecticut child welfare officials seem more concerned about avoiding political fallout than protecting the child, and critics are contending that her transgender status is leading to mistreatment.

Top Headlines 06/26/2014

Juvenile Justice

SAMHSA and MacArthur select Georgia, Tennessee, Massachusetts and Indiana for new program to divert kids with behavioral disorders. Rehabilitation not correlated with decrease in criminal activity for juveniles. Child Welfare

The woes of childcare for single parents: One dad doesn’t “get it”. Educating L.A. parents on sex trafficking. Florida governor kicks off tour touting new efforts for kids.