Left Behind

I wake up in the morning. It's too quiet for my taste. As I walk through the house I start getting flashbacks.

Conference Showed How Field Is Building on Progress in Youth-Serving Field

Earlier this year, we urged the Trump administration to continue federal investments in juvenile justice. In the last three decades, the field has benefited greatly from federal support of research, innovative programming and evidence-based approaches designed to improve outcomes for youth, families and communities.  

Skill-building Is Only One Piece of the Puzzle in Tech-Training Program NPower

Stephon Stephens didn’t think he would get in.

At 21, he was used to applying to jobs and programs that wouldn’t look past some trouble he got into when he was younger. “It’s hard to move forward when you have a piece of paper saying you’re a criminal,” he said.tephon Stephens didn’t think he would get in.

LA’s Youth Probation Camps Have a Problem With Graduating Kids (But Not What you Think)

The Los Angeles County Office of Education boasts that scores of young people who were at risk of dropping out of high school get their high school diplomas or their GED credentials while they’re in LA County’s juvenile probation camps each year. It’s a monumental and pivotal moment for students who often have fallen behind in school and so might not expect such an accomplishment.

A Tale of Two Juries on Foster Father Accused of Sex Abuse

Seven days of deadlocked jury deliberations in the sex abuse trial of a single foster father are over. Despite allegations that he abused multiple children for almost 20 years while receiving $1.5 million in foster care payments, after three weeks of testimony a Long Island jury acquitted Cesar Gonzales-Mugaburu of all 17 counts on May 2. The jury found he was not guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, thus sparing him from 25 years in prison at age 60.

Pick A Message: Kill Big Bird Or Send Kids To College

We were going to use this space to rant against those elected officials who would vote to kill off Big Bird by decimating the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which provides funding for Public Broadcasting Service and National Public Radio stations, and cutting the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Improve the Transition to College: Teach Students How to Build Networks Using the Connected Scholars Program

Innovation Research & Training (iRT)
Durham, NC
The Connected Scholars program utilizes the old adage “Who you know is as important as what you know” to improve college transition experiences and graduation rates. In fact, many colleges struggle with low retention rates, in part, because students don’t feel connected to the faculty and staff on campus. According to a recent Gallup Poll, only 27% of graduates felt that their professors cared about them as a person and only 22% said they had a mentor who encouraged them to pursue their goals and dreams. These low feelings of connection and belonging occur in spite of the proliferation of programs offered to high school, summer transition, and college students designed to help students adjust to college. A growing body of research shows that networks of relationships are critical for college and career success. For instance, a family’s socioeconomic status is a better predictor of graduating from college than a student’s academic achievement.