Shame Affect: An Underlying Emotion in Children

A caring and compassionate adult can provide a strong, corrective emotional experience for a child by consistently showing them that they are valuable and special.

Bathroom Bills and Trans Youth

As a queer Jewish teenager, I have the uncommon privilege of having relationships with people between 20 and 50 years older than me with similar intersectionalities.

How to Help ‘People’ People Interpret and Use Data

Walking into our monthly meeting for preventive services program management, we couldn’t miss the giant chart with numerous hand-written lines of different lengths.

richard wexler

State-sanctioned Ransom Should Have No Place in Child Welfare

A March 3 Philadelphia Inquirer story begins this way:

After 12 years with an abusive partner — 12 years of black eyes and broken fingers, a shattered wrist and a busted nose — Carmen Rivera came to a realization: “It was either me leaving, or I was going to be dead.”

I Used to Love America: How a Racist Jail System Changed Me

I spent my 18th birthday incarcerated, and saw many of my peers do the same. Our formative years formed within the confines of a stagnant system. Jail was the first time I saw the issues of racism and classism in America. Slavery built us, and prisons create an underclass of black and brown color.