Bringing Transgender Justice into Services-based Organizations

Growing up transgender is never easy. Trans youth face high rates of violence, with more than three-quarters of trans students feeling unsafe in school. The majority have experienced verbal harassment in the classroom, and one-quarter suffer physical harassment.

Students Are ‘Losers’ from DeVos Rollback of College Loan Protections

Educators, lawmakers and advocates said Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ decision to gut loan protections not only hurts student borrowers, but represents a sharp change in the Obama-era philosophy of siding with students over businesses.
“It’s not immediately clear what the full impact will be, but it opens the door for more potential abuses,” said Daniel Klasik, assistant professor of higher education at George Washington University.

Battling the Ninth Grade Bulge

Researchers call it the “ninth grade bulge,” and it has nothing to do with weight gain among teenagers. Rather, the term refers to a decades long trend that could prove critical to helping more students graduate high school and go on to successful careers.

Safe Spaces: Supportive Environments Are Crucial for Transgender Youth

The cover of the January 2017 issue of National Geographic was a first for the historic magazine, though at first glance it seems fairly traditional: A striking 9-year-old girl looks confidently into the camera, her rainbow hair in a deep side part, her jawline set. The words “Gender Revolution” splash boldly across her chest, giving a hint to the challenges she faces.

Teen Girls’ Photos Raise Awareness of Health Disparities

“Where you live, where you go to school, the amenities in your community, all those things matter to community health.” Beatriz Solis, southern region director of the California Endowment's Healthy Communities initiative. Julianna Aguirre, 16, said she realized she could be part of that change when she joined Las Fotos Project last fall.

Renewing CHIP Is Bipartisan No-brainer

Though none of us in the child health advocacy world asked for a restructuring of Medicaid funding, we are asking for continued funding for another health coverage program for kids — the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

LGBT Youth Promote Justice By Creating Their Own Media

We face grave dangers to social gains that have been hard won by social movements: the possibility of a so-called “religious freedom” executive order (not yet passed at presstime) that would amount to a green light for anti-LGBT discrimination...