Letter from the Publisher

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Dear Youth Today Reader,  

Whether you have been a part of the Youth Today community since its founding 25 years ago or have recently joined, you know we produce some of the best journalism in the nation about the youth service profession.

We intend to keep doing just that. And as we all enter a new school and programming year, we wanted to share some recent developments and changes in our publication strategy — with good news for you, our readers.

Based on research — including surveys many of you participated in, focus groups and our own analytics — as well as continued changes in the media industry, we will be increasing and improving our digital reach, especially through mobile devices.

We know more and more of you are reading us online, especially on your phones. A survey we conducted among Youth Today subscribers shows most of you consume news through digital rather than print.

All of this led us to the decision to phase out the print edition of Youth Today, an announcement we made to paid subscribers and philanthropic donors in July. From a nostalgic, traditional point of view, this is not an easy decision. But from a financial and practical position, and given reader trends and wants, it is not difficult at all. We will print two more editions: August 2017 and one in early January 2018.

After that, Youth Today will be GOING GREEN (all digital). Once we roll out our new website in January 2018, full access to Youth Today will be for paid subscribers.

As always, a paid subscription with Youth Today includes:

  • 24-hour/365-day full access to Youth Today.org, filled with the latest grants available, news and information.

  • Youth Today Weekly Grants Available e-Newsletter

  • Youth Today Monthly e-Newsletter to keep you up-to-date with everything going on in the field.

We believe you will be happier with the same excellent, independent journalism; the same outlet for your expertise and experience — on a more mobile, faster, user-friendly platform.

We appreciate and invite your continued involvement in the Youth Today community, including your opinion columns, From the Field stories, news announcements, comments and story ideas.

Any questions? Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our marketing manager, Chelsey Tabakian Odom at ctodom@csjournalism.org or 470-578-2975.


Leonard Witt, Executive Director

Center for Sustainable Journalism / publisher of Youth Today