STEM Education Improvement Program Grants

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Subject: Education, STEM
Deadline: May 12, 2017

“General Motors is committed to fostering smart, safe and sustainable communities around the world. In addition to Hometown Giving in Detroit, GM directs its philanthropic resources through three strategic focus areas: STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) Education, Vehicle and Road Safety and Sustainable Communities. By investing in each of these areas, GM seeks to provide grantees and partners with the tools and resources to push for meaningful change and find transformative solutions to make progress towards shared outcomes. We are inviting proposals that will help scale strong evidence-based solutions, strive to innovate and push boundaries to achieve the following STEM outcomes: (1) Increase the number of students who earn a degree in STEM that matches market needs; (2) Increase the presence, achievement and persistence levels for underrepresented minorities in STEM field and; (3) Increase the supply of qualified teachers for teacher training in STEM-related subjects.”

Funder: General Motors
Eligibility: Unspecified
Amount: $25,000+
Contact: Link. 

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