Improving Undergraduate STEM Education at Research Universities: A Collection of Case Studies

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Author(s): The Association of American Universities and the Research Corporation for Science Advancement

  • Erin L. Dolan
  • G. Peter Lepage
  • Simon M. Peacock
  • Elizabeth H. Simmons
  • Ryan Sweeder
  • Carl Wieman

Published: Feb. 16, 2017

Report Intro/Brief:
"There is a striking disconnect between the impressive extent of discipline-based research that argues for new approaches to classroom teaching, and the depressingly low rates of adoption of these new ideas. While there is a broad consensus that systemic institutional change is needed within universities to enable continuous improvement of undergraduate STEM teaching and learning, there is little literature or discussion about precisely what those institutional changes should be or how in practice they might be achieved. To help fill this void, the AAU has launched an effort in connection with the AAU Undergraduate STEM Education Initiative to collect case studies that document current and past attempts at large-scale transformations of undergraduate STEM teaching at research universities. These are meant to be a resource for department chairs and deans who are contemplating large-scale efforts of their own."