High School Student Support Program Grants

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Subject: Education, High School, Graduation Rate
Deadline: Feb. 15, 2017

NOTE: These grants are geographically restricted to the region of New England.
"This Request for Proposals (RFP) is the next stage of a new Barr Initiative to spur innovation across the region toward the planning and implementation of targeted, public, whole-school educational models for meeting the needs of high school students who are off track for success. The Barr Foundation seeks to build a critical mass of high-quality schools and programs for New England’s students who are off track for high school graduation that will provide them with the necessary supports to succeed in secondary and post-secondary endeavors and to thrive as adults. We believe in the potential of these students and have high expectations for all of them. The multi-year initiative will focus on improving secondary outcomes for New England youth who are off track for graduation by supporting, incubating, growing, and promoting promising public high school and program models that address the specific needs of students. We aim to support both existing and new models by providing significant funding, in-depth technical assistance to support planning and implementation, and a shared learning community to help develop, elevate, and improve high-quality secondary options for students off track to graduate in New England."

Funder: The Barr Foundation
Eligibility: "Barr invites applications from entities interested in:

  • Opening new schools or programs
  • Improvements to existing schools or programs
  • Growing schools or programs."

Amount: Up to $150,000
Contact: Link.