Rural Community Development and Farming Education Grants

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Subject: Community Development, Education, Environmental Education, Youth Development, Career Training
Deadline: Unspecified

"Created in 2001, the AgStar Fund for Rural America enhances quality of life and invests in future opportunities for rural residents and their communities through scholarships, grants and sponsorships. The AgStar Fund supports direct delivery of services. Also, we will align the grants with the company’s broader business interests and community involvement programs. In order to be considered for funding, requests for support must align with the Fund's mission, as well as, one of the following focus areas:

  • Education – Educating young, beginning or future farmers.
  • Environment – Maintaining or improving the quality of the rural environment.
  • Technology – Supporting the advancement and utilization of technology for the benefit of farmers and rural communities.
  • Quality of Life – Programs or initiatives that enhance the quality of life for farmers and rural communities.

Young & Beginning Farmers - At AgStar, we understand starting a career in farming comes with its own unique set of challenges. That's why we created a program for young, beginning & small farmers designed to provide ongoing access to credit, related financial services and outreach programs."

Funder: The AgStar Fund for Rural America
Eligibility: Varies depending on grant type.
Amount: Unspecified
Contact: Link.