Youth Honey Bee Hive Education Grant Program

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Subject: Environmental Education, Youth Development
Deadline: Oct. 31, 2016 (letters of intent)

"The Honey Bee Grant Program seeks to stimulate curiosity in young people about the importance of honey bees in our lives and food system, the need to understand and embrace them, and the value of caring about their well-being. The Honey Bee Grant program allows for a K-12 school or non-profit organization to receive support for an educational honey bee hive.

We offer three grant options:

  1. Monetary grant of $1,500 to support the success of a honey bee hive educational program.
  2. Observation hive: equipment grant of a custom made indoor observation hive from The Bee Cause Project
  3. Traditional hive: equipment grant of an outdoor top bar hive with Starter Kit from Bee Thinking."

Funder: The Whole Kids Foundation
Eligibility: "Applicant must be a non-profit school or non‐profit children’s programming organization that works with students in the grade range kindergarten through college level."
Amount: $1,500
Contact: Link.