K-12 Project-Based Environmental Education Grants

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Subject: Environmental Education, Youth Development
Deadline: Oct. 31, 2016

"Over the last several years, the Nature Works Everywhere program has given grants to schools across the U.S. to build, amend or revitalize school garden projects with the core principal that gardens model nature on a relatable scale. By combining project-based learning curriculum with a school garden space, students learn conservation-mindedness.

To increase the types of project-based learning that we support, we are broadening our focus of support this year for all kinds of projects that involve students in developing a nature-based, green infrastructure solution to an environmental challenge in their community. Whether addressing issues surrounding access to healthy food, air quality, heat island effect, climate change or storm water collection, youth will be empowered as social innovators to model solutions in their school communities through project design and implementation. To accomplish this, the Nature Works Everywhere grant will support projects that implement green infrastructure to address local environmental challenges. The purpose of this grant is to provide you with the resources you need to engage students in understanding the value of nature, while creating spaces that enhance the natural landscape of your school and city."

Funder: The Nature Conservancy
Eligibility: Schools must be public or charter schools (elementary, middle, high). A non-profit 501(c)(3) organization can apply on the behalf of a school and serve as the fiscal agent if awarded funds.
Amount: $2,000
Contact: Link.