Education Access, Academic Achievement and Arts Education Program Grants

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Subject: Education, Youth Development, Arts Education, Higher Education
Deadline: Varies

"The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation identifies and invests a portion of its funding in strategic grant initiatives to expand educational opportunities throughout the United States. The Foundation partners with educational leaders that share our commitment to advance the education of exceptionally promising students who have financial need.  Together, the Foundation and its grant partners work to create high-quality learning experiences for thousands of remarkable students whose families, schools, and communities need additional resources to help these students reach their fullest potential."

The foundation awards grants in four main areas of focus:

  1. Academic Achievement -
    1. Through the Summer Enrichment Program, the Foundation awards grants to nonprofit organizations or universities who provide access to high-quality summer enrichment programs for high-achieving low-income students entering grades 6 through 12.
    2. Through its Advanced Learning grants, the Foundation is increasing enrollment and success of low-income and minority students in high school Advanced Placement courses.
    3. The Talent Development Award recognizes exemplary practices that transform high-potential, economically disadvantaged elementary and middle school students into high achievers. Too many young students with the potential to reach great heights, academically and artistically, simply won’t make it without targeted, excellence-driven interventions.  We are looking for organizations committed to optimal outcomes for high-potential, low-income students.
  2. Artistic Advancement - The “Widening the Stage” grant initiative aims to expand access to advanced music instruction for talented young musicians, ages 8-18, from low-income backgrounds. Grants help provide free or low-cost rigorous training through community music schools, conservatory or college preparatory programs, and summer programs to allow low-income, musically talented youth to reach their full music potential.
  3. College Access and Excellence - The Foundation’s Community College Transfer Initiative (CCTI) was designed to help high-achieving community-college students earn bachelor’s degrees at top colleges and universities nationwide. Through this grant initiative, the Foundation currently supports a cadre of selective colleges and universities and their community college partners that are committed to developing and supporting programs to improve access for high-achieving, low-income community college transfer students.
  4. Good Neighbor Grants - In keeping with the foundation's mission of advancing the education of exceptionally promising students with financial need, the Good Neighbor Grant can support the establishment of new programs or the enhancement of existing initiatives that support high potential, low-income students. We are most interested in programs that strive to exceed standards rather than meet them, and aim to promote engagement, enrichment, creativity, talent development, and intellectual curiosity. Examples of eligible programs include after-school academic and summer enrichment opportunities, college access advising programs, arts, service learning, and STEM programs, innovative approaches that bridge education and technology, and internship programs. Funds may also be used for the development of education-related products that will directly benefit students." NOTE: Good Neighbor Grants are geographically restricted. See contact link for more information.

Funder: The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation
Eligibility: Varies depending on grant type. See contact link below for more information.
Amount: Varies depending on grant type. See contact link below for more information.
Contact: Link.