STEM Museum and Library Education Program Development Grants

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Subject: Education, STEM, Youth Development
Deadline: May 1, 2016

"This special joint initiative invites proposals for research on informal educational approaches that leverage community Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) professionals in the broadest sense. Funded research projects will create a foundation for reaching children and families from diverse economic, social, and cultural backgrounds, with different levels of knowledge about STEM. We are interested in proposals for design-based research projects that develop and explore models for inquiry-based STEM programs delivered by scientists, engineers, and related technical practitioners (STEM experts) to children ages 6-10 and their families. In particular, proposals should address the role of expert oral narratives (e.g., storytelling, personal histories, and analogies) as part of object-based science inquiry. Proposals should include information about how findings from this research will be applicable in both museum and library settings."

Funder: Institute of Museum and Library Services
Eligibility: "To be eligible as library entity, you must: be either a unit of state or local government or be a private nonprofit organization that has tax-exempt status. and qualify as one of the following: a library or a parent organization, such as a school district, a municipality, a state agency, or an academic institution, that is responsible for the administration of a library. Eligible libraries include public libraries, public elementary and secondary school libraries, college and university libraries, research libraries and archives that are not an integral part of an institution of higher education and that make publicly available library services and materials that are suitable for scholarly research and not otherwise available. To be eligible as a museum entity, you must be either a unit of state or local government or be a private nonprofit organization that has tax-exempt status under the Internal Revenue Code."
Amount: $500,000 - $1,000,000
Contact: Link.