Community Food Project Grant Program

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Subject: Community Development, Food/Nutrition, Food Access
Deadline: Nov. 30, 2015

"In FY 2016 the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA)'s Community Food Project (CFP) intends to solicit applications and fund three types of grants. The types are entitled (1) Community Food Projects (CFP), (2) Planning Projects (PP) and (3) Training and Technical Assistance (T & TA) Projects. The purpose of the CFP is to support the development of projects with a one-time infusion of federal dollars to make such projects self-sustaining. CFPs should be designed to create community-based food projects with objectives, activities and outcomes that are in alignment with CFPCGP primary goals. The purpose of a Planning Project (PP) is to complete a plan toward the improvement of community food security. Preference will be given to CFPs and PPs designed to:

  • Develop linkages between two or more sectors of the food system;
  • Support the development of entrepreneurial projects;
  • Develop innovative connections between the for-profit and nonprofit food sectors;
  • Encourage long-term planning activities, and multi-system, interagency approaches with collaborations from multiple stakeholders that build the long-term capacity of communities to address the food and agricultural problems of the communities, such as food policy councils and food planning associations; or
  • Develop new resources and strategies to help reduce food insecurity in the community and prevent foods insecurity in the future.

The primary purposes of the T & TA project are to assist individual organizations in the development and submission of Community Food Projects (CFP) and Planning Projects (PP) proposals and assist current program grantees to more effectively operate and evaluate their projects."

Funder: National Institute of Food and Agriculture
Eligibility: Public food program service providers, tribal organizations, or private nonprofit entities, including gleaners.

  • Community Food Projects: Up to $125,000 for 1 year; up to $400,000 over 4 years.
  • Planning Projects: Up to $35,000
  • Training and Technical Assistance: Up to $250,000 for 1 year; One award will be made for $500,000 over 2 to 4 years.

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