Centers for Multidisciplinary Research and Training in Child Abuse and Neglect Grant Program

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Subject: Child Welfare, Child Abuse/Neglect, Health, Research, Mental Health
Deadline: Nov. 19, 2015

"This funding opportunity announcement (FOA) will use the specialized research center mechanism (P50) to call for multidisciplinary centers to serve as the CAPSTONE for research and education in child maltreatment and as a resource for the field. The Center(s) will conduct innovative and high quality research including: 1) trials testing the efficacy and effectiveness of clinical interventions; 2) longitudinal prospective studies examining the long term impact of specific and understudied types of maltreatment including abusive head trauma, medical neglect, sexual abuse; 3) studies examining the neurobiology of abuse and neglect and implications for health outcomes; and 4) studies testing the development of screening tools and clinical assessment measures for early identification and treatment of specific types of abuse and neglect to decrease morbidity and mortality and to identify potential comorbidities.

The centers are also required to propose a dissemination and outreach core which will provide opportunities for students, faculty at all levels, and lay professionals to be exposed to the educational tools and technologies, research, and expertise within the field of child maltreatment. The format for the outreach and dissemination activities will be tailored to the expertise of the Center and the needs of the community. Finally, the Centers will be encouraged to disseminate information to the broader community through education, grand rounds, conferences and seminars, webinars, materials or other means of communication."

Funder: National Institutes of Health
Eligibility: Nonprofits having a 501(c)(3) status with the IRS, nonprofits that do not have a 501(c)(3) status with the IRS, for profit organizations other than small businesses, small businesses, public and state controlled institutions of higher education, private institutions of higher education, public housing authorities/Indian housing authorities, county governments, city or township governments, state governments, small businesses, special district governments, independent school districts, Native American tribal organizations, Native American tribal governments (federally recognized), others.
Amount: Up to $1,000,000
Contact: Link.