“Healthy Smiles, Healthy Children” Grants for Community-Based Initiatives to Increase Children’s Access to Dental Care

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Subject: Child Welfare, Health, Healthcare Access
Deadline: Aug. 3, 2015

"Healthy Smiles, Healthy Children (HSHC) is committed to supporting community-based initiatives providing Dental Homes to children whose families cannot afford dental care. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry defines a Dental Home as the ongoing relationship between the dentist and the patient, inclusive of all aspects of oral health care, delivered in a comprehensive, continuously accessible, coordinated, and family-centered way. HSHC supports this goal through its Grants targeting children up to age 18. HSHC Grants are one-year matching grants of up to $20,000, supporting community-based initiatives in the U.S. that provide dental care and ultimately serve as a Dental Home to underserved/limited access children. Special consideration will be given to programs supporting the age-one dental visit and providing care to special needs patients. HSHC funds may be applied to cover costs such as, but not limited to: child oral health care, clinic supplies, instruments and equipment, salary, education and/or outreach to recruit dentist participation in program activities."

Funder: Healthy Smiles, Healthy Children (HSHC)
Eligibility: "Qualified applicants/organizations include, but are not limited to: Nonprofit organizations (includes but not limited to 501(c)(3) and 501 (c)(6)), local health jurisdictions, county health departments, hospitals and clinics, state government agencies, colleges/schools of dentistry, colleges/schools of medicine (pediatric and family medicine departments only), national, state and local dental societies."
Amount: Up to $20,000
Contact: Link.